Fighting for our clients...

And their interests.

Court can be a frightening place. Don't get caught off guard. We get to know each of our clients so we can appropriately represent them in court. We defend all kinds of misdemeanor and municipal cases from traffic infractions to DUI.

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Hurt or Injured?

If you've been hurt on the job, injured in a car accident, or have been the victim of a harmful medical procedure, your time may be limited to contact an attorney and make a claim. We can help you get the money you deserve for your pain and loss.

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Protecting you & your loved ones

Whether you want to change your family status or the arrangements you've made with family member, we can help. We represent families who want what is best for their children in their efforts to gain child custody or child support. We also represent families who have troubled youth and teens.

Child Support


Debt | Liquidation

If you are considering bankruptcy as a solution to debt, you need to contact a legal advisor that can help you.  Bankruptcy is a complex issue that should not be taken lightly.  Cooper and Cooper can help advise you and help you file the correct paperwork in a timely fashion.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy generally helps you cancel many of your debts.  However, it may require you to liquidate some of your tangible property to help pay those debts.  Generally this process can take up to six months.

Types of debt that can be discharged through this process:

  • medical bills
  • collection agency accounts
  • many loans such as personal, student, veterans, etc
  • utility bills and fees
  • credit card debt
Single Married Filing Fee
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750 $850 Yes, depends on court

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